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The Albert Műhely is a family business with more than 40 years of professional experience.


As Hungary's leading engine remanufacturer, we are proud to offer the most modern solutions on our field. We specialise in cylinder head reconditioning and complete engine overhauls, and our aim is to provide a high quality service and a reliable partnership.


We undertake complete cylinder head and engine block reconditioning, including crack detection, welding, plane grinding, line boring, valve seat milling, valve grinding, crank drilling, honing, crankshaft grinding and other works.


History of the development of our company.


When we started in the year of 1981, the main profile of our company was the locksmith's activity and manufacturing metal parts. Additionally, there was a great demand for castings and aluminium welding, so we also included this type of work in our services. The lot of learning and perseverance paid off, and by 1991, cylinder head repair and reconditioning had become our main activity.


We did not stop developing, as our aim was to carry out the overhaul with precision and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In 1998, a new workshop section was inaugurated, specifically designed for cylinder head reconditioning.


Over the years we have made further technological improvements. The introduction of the first Serdi valve seat milling machine, Serdi assembly table and pressure testing machine in 1999 resulted in a significant improvement in work efficiency.


Precise machining and an appealing image have helped us to consolidate our relationships in the workshop and mechanic community.


The year 2004 brought new innovations, as we built our new premises at 40 Kutasi str., Hodmezovasarhely, 6800 Hungary, where we now have an air-conditioned reception area for our customers. In addition to the Serdi line of machines, we have purchased Berco surface milling and line boring machines to improve the quality of our service. In addition to cylinder head reconditioning, we also offer universal and CNC machining. As a result of our dynamic growth, we have been recognised by the most prestigious engine remanufacturing company in the world, and are now an official Serdi agent in Hungary. We are also the Hungarian representative of several other machine manufacturers: Rottler, Trego, Sunnen, AMC...


In addition to our workshop, our spare parts dealership (A-M Engine Parts) has also developed. Our range includes cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, camshafts, pre-chambers, valves, rings, valve guides, pistons, hydraulic cylinders, antifreeze plugs, carburettor inserts. We also supply engine rebuilding machines and machine parts for the above brands. In order to improve our wholesale business, we have made huge expansions to increase our stock. We believe it's important to offer support and flexibility to our customers, so we have organised our product range into a photographic catalogue so that our customers can see our range not only on our webshop, but also in a more convenient, hand-held way. Thanks to innovations and flexible cooperation with courier services, we can deliver your parcels to your home country and even to Romania by the next day. Our workshop is constantly improving and our fleet of machines is expanding. The premium quality of the work we provide and the guarantee we give on our work increases the confidence of our customers and continues to expand our partner base.

In 40 years of operation, our workshop has grown to become the best equipped machine shop in the country. The cooperation between our dealership and our machine shop has resulted in a fast, efficient, quality and reliable service.

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We offer either part- or full-round renewals of engine blocks.




Complete restoration of cylinder heads

Complete restoration of cylinder heads

Weld cracks investigations, AWI welding, surface grinding, Line drilling, valve seat milling, valve whetting
Complete engine renewal

Complete engine renewal

Connecting rod drilling, honing, cylinder drilling, cylinder- cylinder and sleeve honing, crankshaft grinding
Parts trade

Parts trade

A-M branded engine parts, various tools, accessories and machines for engine renovation in our webshop.
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