Renovating the cylinder head is a complex task, regardless of the brand of the vehicle, its success and long engine life depend on quality work and the right expertise!

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Cylinder head disassembly

At Albert Műhely, the first step during cylinder head renovation work is disassembling the cylinder head. Cylinder heads usually come to our workshop mounted on valves. The valves are removed with a special valve spring press machine. After depressing the valve spring, we remove the valve wedges, then take the valves out of the cylinder head. During the process, we dismantle the parts that are not necessary during the renovation or that hinder efficient work. Disassembly is followed by hot water high-pressure cleaning.

Crack test

The condition of the cylinder head water spaces is checked on the crack testing bench. To do this, we close the openings of the water spaces and use a compressor to increase the air pressure on the examined piece. We attach it to a special bench, with the help of which we lower the cylinder head into hot water - this simulates the operating conditions at the factory. Swirl it around in the water to make sure there are no cracks in the cylinder head. If there is a crack on it, bubbles will leave the cylinder head through the crack.

Welding with AWI technology

Cracks in the cylinder heads can be repaired by welding. In some cases, the crack is milled to a larger size, and then our highly experienced specialists weld the crack using AWI technology welding. This renovation makes the engine renovation cost-effective, because it is not necessary to buy a new cylinder head due to the crack.

Surface grinding

Perfect alignment of motor parts is essential in cylinder head renovation. Machining the mating flat surface of the cylinder head is extremely important, as this side is connected to the engine block. Due to the uneven surface of the cylinder head, cooling water can enter the combustion chamber despite the seal, which is why surface grinding of the cylinder heads is necessary. Surface grinding can be carried out using either chip milling or segment stone technology. The material of the cylinder head determines which machining method is chosen. Surface grinding is performed with surface grinding machines designed for this purpose. In order to achieve perfect machining of different cylinder heads and engine blocks, we use different machines for different lubrication processes in our workshop.

Line drilling

Line drilling is a work process during which we machine the shaft housing holes of the camshafts of the cylinder heads and the main shafts of the engine blocks. The line drill is capable of drilling serial holes with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter. The holes are made with a special line drilling machine, which is suitable for making holes on exactly one axis.

Valve seat milling

The precise fit of the valves of the cylinder heads can be achieved with precisely machined valves, well-fitted valve guides and perfectly machined valve seats. We perform high-quality valve seat machining with valve seat milling machines. Machining the valve seat contributes to proper compression. In our workshop, thanks to CNC technology, we carry out accurate and precise valve seat milling.

Valve grinding

Valve grinding is the process of grinding the valves in the cylinder head. In order for the valves to fit into the valve seat, the exact size and angle are essential. We adjust the valves to size with our valve grinding machines. By machining the valves, we can save the valves and it is not necessary to install new valves in the cylinder head for engine renewal.

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